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How to Refinance a Condo

Condos offer plenty of convenience, especially for urban residents. In cities, like the New York City — Jersey City metropolitan area where Stem Lending is headquartered, condos are often the [...]

Is an FHA loan good for you?

If you stumbled upon this article as a result of an Internet search you did, it’s quite possible that you are that excited home buyer who just found out that [...]

Mortgage for multi family properties

Real estate as an investment is quite popular. You’ll often hear friends, family and colleagues rave about it. It’s a great way to generate passive income and create wealth over [...]

Which mortgage is better?

When getting a mortgage, homeowners often run into this question: “Should I choose a shorter term mortgage or a longer term mortgage?” It is an important to answer. If you [...]

A homeowner's guide to cash-out refinance

For most people, home is a place they live in. A place where they make memories with their family, their kids, their loved ones. Memories that they can cherish some [...]

Investment property mortgage — pros, cons and the process

We often hear friends and colleagues talk about their investment property and how it brings them rental income every month while owning the property gradually over time as they pay [...]

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